some Tokyo Ghoul sketches that i drew on train. it was a pretty shaky trip in literal sense so they look very messy ahahaha BUT KANEHIDE YEP. cannot wait to draw digitally on laptop back home, must immediately drew them

also, cuddling while reading a book together WAHAAA

Get to Know Me: Male Characters 1/5

>>> ḲḀṆḕḲḭ ḲḕṆ

Now I think I need a miracle to make it through.

Get to know Me:
Pairings [1/5]:
Nezumi & Shion


D. Gray-Assassin´s Creed 9. pt1

The first possible outcome of the original part 9

Noragami: Yato

Koujaku ✴ Clear ✴ Noiz | DRAMAtical Murder ♔

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Couloring eperiences 

Love this gay guy so much

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"His smile was like the sun."
"Your voice is a pale yellow. I hardly ever see a voice that color."

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